Today On 10/10/2019, to celebrate Saheb's birthday in a different way, gave a visit to the "Avishkar" organization. Celebrated birthday in the company of children. Felt very happy to see the activities started by the organization. The organization's efforts to make children self-reliant are astounding. Organization's efforts to bring the children into the social mainstream by giving them a boost in their intellectual and physical development and their skills are highly commendable. I wish you the best of luck to Organization's work.
Mrs. Kalpana Datta Bhadakwad
01/02/2018, on the occasion of the prize distribution program, got an opportunity to visit "Aavishkar" organization. A person like me, who regularly attends all the normal children's school programs, at this place after spending time in the company of such actual "wise" "sensible" children in life, felt meaningful by seeing students discipline, innocence on their faces, the joy and pleasure on their face after prize received by their friend. May this social enterprise you are doing be as successful as possible and there is no doubt that the students of this school will make the name of this country bright internationally.
Mr. Milind Dikshit
District Sports Officer
I was very happy to meet all the children of Aavishkar School. We are constantly asking God for something in our lives. We always find something lacking in our life. But these children do miraculous work by overcoming weakness and boosting morale. Looking at these children, we all girls felt very happy and satisfied today. Learned a lot from these children. Also all the teachers here are very much appreciable. All those teachers take good care of all the children and make them self-reliant. All the staff here showed the workshop very creatively. Their talk, their information showed their love, their intimacy towards the children and their ability to understand the children.
Mr. Rahul Pandit
Ex Mayor, Ratnagiri
Me and Shrirang Charitable Trust salutes these nectar kids who without even realizing of many shortcomings, showing a new invention of life.
Mr. Sumit Sanjay Patil
A visit to 'AAVISHKAR' is an eye opener. All concerned are doing very good job. The teachers are full of patience and love for these special children.
Shri. Arun Sharma
Deputy Director, Ministry Of Home,
Govt. Of India , Delhi
The hands 'Aavishkar' that illuminate Diwali's lights are admirable. In today's mechanical age, handicraft innovation is on the decline, But through Aavishkar, efforts to increase handicrafts are gaining strength. So we all need to make a contribution which will make it possible for artists of Aavishkar to work with more enthusiasm. I wish good luck for everyone of Aavishkar for the same.
Mr. Mitesh Ghatte
Additional Superintendent of Police
I am really pleased to visit such a useful center for training , development and encouraging the handicapped children. Wish 'AAVISHKAR' staff all the best and continue this noble service to the handicapped children. With best wishes.
Mr. J. S. Arora
Finolex Industries
The skills and crafts being taught in this school & workshop will prove very useful for the students in living the daily life. their progress is admirable. The organisers are really doing very hard work. I wish them success.
Shri.Subhash Damle
San Gabriel, California, U.S.A.
The mentally handicapped children, when developed gradually will become the responsible citizens of our nation. Congratulations to the founders, volunteers and teachers who are running this institute.
Smt.Anutai Wagh
Noted Educational Expert And Founder Of Tribal Education Project, Kosbad, Thane.
It was hugely impressive to see the caring and service provided to the children to focus on teaching life skills, building optimal independence for the children are great! Everyone associated with the school should be proud of first-rate organization that dose so much good for so many.
John Mohr
Ex-President, Life-track,
NGO working For People With Disability,
St-Paul, Minn, USA.
I happened to visit 'AAVISHKAR' today. I saw different classes and the different educational experiments performed on children. Mrs.Vaishali Joshi was very much enthusiastic. The work done by people here for such handicapped in society is admirable. I am confident that society will help such institutions wholeheartedly. Best wishes.
Shri.S. L. Gadre
Trustee, Maharashtra SewaSangh, Mulund West
When there was no organisation working for mentally handicapped in Ratnagiri and Sindhudurga districts, 'AAVISHKAR' has started the work in a scientific way. They have trained teaching staff and dedicated members who are doing the work enthusiastically. There is a good support by local people. The school will be the most ideal institution in Ratnagiri.
Shri. B.V. Joshi
Ex-Deputy Director (Disability section), Directorate Of Social Welfare, Maharashtra State, Pune
The teachers of 'AAVISHKAR' school should get all the credit for generating the confidence in these students to live happily.
Shri. Ajit Wadekar
Ex-Captain, Indian Cricket Team
'AAVISHKAR' is running the school for mentally handicapped in best possible way. My best wishes to the institute for their work.
Shri. Anant Geete
Ex-Minister Of Energy, Govt. Of India
The work of the Aavishkar organization is inspiring. The organization has a big role to play in helping children stand on their own feet. The exhibition organized today is very noble. It is important for every Ratnagirikar to cooperate in a good venture by shopping at this place. Many congratulations to the children who participated in it.
Mr. Sudesh Shetye
Kokan Today
I was especially happy to visit Aavishkar organization. When I heard the song composed by me 'हीच अमुची प्रार्थना' sang by children in unison, my heart was filled with joy and pride. 'भोवताली दाटला अंधार दुःखाच्या उरी..तोवरी देई आम्हाला काजव्यांचे जगणे' tears welled up in my eyes as I listened to these lines. The joy of teaching singing to children was indescribable. Knowing about the organization, felt appreciable of the staff here. I am sure that whenever the clouds of despair come over my mind, I will remember the smiling faces of the children here and the hands that are constantly engaged in work and the despair will go away.
Mr. Kaushal Inamdar
Music Composer


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